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Fiction Bytes for Readers Season One My Crowning Glory

Fiction Bytes for Readers Season One

You can watch or listen to Fiction Bytes for Readers, Season One of My Crowning Glory written and read by Shawneda.  

My Crowning Glory Audio Book Cover for Fiction Bytes for Readers Season One

Anisa Links and her girls are new adults navigating the waters of sisterhood, hair, and living the dream. Enjoy Chapter One of My Crowning Glory, book one of Natural Sistahs series.

What a difference a road trip makes…or nah? Anisa and the crew are making life-changing decisions. Enjoy Chapter Two of My Crowning Glory read by the author.

Will Anisa make her next move the best move for her career and relationship? Business as usual is about to be interrupted. 
Anisa is determined to explore her natural hair no matter what nature has in store under her relaxed tresses.
Anisa faces an uphill battles as she transitions from student to health advocate while going from relaxed to natural.
Party plans and hair raising changes are on the horizon for Anisa.
Things are heating up and cooling down in ways Anisa never imagined.
Hair-raising arguments and life-changing opportunities have Anisa and Porsche in the hot seat. Wilson is ready to move forward when Anisa forgets her “curly aspirations.”
Dinner dates and a special surprise propel Anisa closer to her dreams.
Anisa is experiencing some hair raising ridicule about going from the straight to the curly crew. From her beau to her girls she’s feeling the heat about her kitchen.
Nevermind breaking up, changing your hair in the middle of a long term relationship isn’t supposed to be this hard to do. Can’t we all just… decide how we want to wear our own hair. Anisa is ready to find out.
Anisa never imagined changing her hair could change so many things about her life. Nothing a little wine can’t help or hurt?

Anisa is moving on and learning how to let go of what can hold you down. Nothing makes a rough patch better than time with the ones you love.

Anisa is moving on and leaving her worries behind. She’s ready to push forward and roll over anyone standing in the way. Right?

Anisa’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate growing into her skin and hair. The real question is how ready is she to take things to the next level?