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My love for reading and writing started while living with my birth family. Books were how I refueled, kept my sanity, and maintained my empathy. They were more like therapy than an escape. Learning about others’ experiences gave me hope I didn’t have to become what I observed in my home.

My foster dad recognized what he called my “gift with words”. He encouraged me to make writing a part of whatever I did in my professional endeavors. When I self-published my first books, he pre-ordered the first copy of my poetry book and first novel.

I began publishing in 2004 with my first book of poetry, All I Ever Wanted. Exploring the depths of technology to connect with readers led to embracing my nerdy side. My nerdy tendencies led to earning my M.A. in English, Technical Communication.

Many of my favorite memories involve a book (electronic or print) in my hands. I’m the author of over twenty-five published books across five genres. I ghostwrote four books for clients. My current and future books include contemporary chick lit, crime fiction, cozy mysteries and devotionals.

I share each story I write and a few social media posts as I remember the courage my foster dad gave me with his love and support. I hope every word honors his memory. My way of saying thank you for having such a positive impact on my life. I pray everything I do ultimately God receives the glory.

Current and future fiction series: Goal PowHer™ series, Decoding Queens™ series, and SolveProKnowHer™ series

Works in Progress

Remixed in Citrus City
Destruction Averted
The Death is Yet to Come Front Book Cover

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

– Dr. maya angelou