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Written and Read by Shawneda Season Two Weighing My Options

 Toney, Briana, and Julie haven't seen each other in years. They're missing each other and their younger cousin LaUniqua. Time, distance, and shame over gaining a few pounds kept them apart but what can bring them back together?
  Toney, Briana, and Julie are not interested in getting together for the family reunion, despite urging from their loved ones to stay connected. Find out of they're gonna ease on down the road or skip the festivities- and drama of the Price family another year.
  Life has dealt Toney, Briana, and Julie a blow that changes everything. They brace for the new direction for life and family reuniting. Given the ultimate motivation minds and lives are about to change.
  Toney, Briana, and Julie reminisce on the bond, clique, and figures they had as they make their final family reunion decisions.
  Julie, Briana, and Toney are back home and ready to make their time with their family "do what it do." Drinks, buffet tables, desserts, and all.
  It's a family affair that Toney, Briana, and Julie are wondering if they should've done without.

Julie, Toney, and Briana turn to each other to remember that family picks you up after your relatives try to beat you down.

Briana, Julie, and Toney make each other a wager they can't refuse...

Meet Maya and Roddreccus Hatton from Natural Sistahs Series

Meet Maya and Rodreccus Hatton from the  Natural Sistahs Series
Maya Hatton's goddaughter found her curly path to success with almost no drama. Her unexpected curltacular debut set off more drama in her life than she ever imagined including shaking the foundation of her twenty-year marriage. 

These characters were created during the SIMS 4 gameplay. 

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