New women’s fiction 

Making Moves in Metropolis with series tagline of "Hope. Grit. Girl Power." with characters from video gameplay in the SIMS by the author.

Kendalynn Thompson is building win-win legal briefs leading to future success stories from former sex trafficking victims. Carmandi Prescott is ready to rejoin the fashion world on her terms. Elaine Bright’s love for technology and supporting women is ready for the spotlight. Patronda Lyles is engineering her best life as she faces her toughest challenge in years.

Available in HandBound Print or eBook. 

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Handbound Natural Sistah Series


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My True Essence Wholeness Series Book 4 2020 Cover Update

“This book takes you thru so much real stuff. The main characters are all God-loving women and they go thru so much. They prove life is better with God as their leader, helper, and friend. Life can be full of bad stuff but with God, things work out.”

-Wendy, 5⭐  Kobo  review

I Am Not My Hair Natural Sistah Book 2 2020 Cover Update

“I loved this book! I can’t wait for book 3! The characters really came alive! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

– Angelie Wilson, 5 ⭐ GoodReads review

My Crowning Glory Natural Sistahs Book 1 2020 Cover

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and immediately bought book #2!”

– Angelie Wilson, 5⭐ GoodReads review

Diamond Butterfly: Share Heal Sparkle Shine Fly

“This book is for the strong at heart that is ready to grow spiritually and emotionally. Every woman should definitely read this book.”

– Lanita, 5⭐ Amazon Review


Self-publishing charted my unconventional path into STEM. Each story, website design, brand redesign, and book cover served as a guidepost that led to earning my Masters in English, Technical Communication with a concentration on human-computer interaction and instructional design.

Using technology to create solutions for clients includes videos about the tools, systems, and processes used daily to serve my clients, provide consulting services, produce and publish books, and host online events for readers. 


If you like unapologetically powerful characters, you’ll enjoy a read from anyone of my women’s fiction series. The Diamond Butterfly devotionals are perfect for you if you’re dedicated to healing from your past, becoming intimate with the Holy Spirit, and working daily to live your best life.

Not into fiction books, you can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and watch videos about the characters’ lives before and after their book. 


God-inspired girl power books are the heart and soul of each folio written, formatted, bound, and sold through GiG PowHer Press. 



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