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Natural Sistahs Series

My Crowning Glory Natural Sistahs Book 1 2020 Cover

My Crowning Glory

Anisa Links is on a fast track to success, love, and happiness.

I Am Not My Hair Natural Sistah Book 2 2020 Cover Update

I Am Not My Hair

The previously scheduled life Maya Hatton planned has been interrupted for an emergency broadcast announcement.

Me, My Hair, and I Natural Sistahs Book 3 2020 Front Cover

Me, My Hair, and I

JeShaun lost her mom at an early age. As time winds down on her high school days, she must confront the things she ignored.


The woman who truly intends to live a good life is already living phenomenally since intent is part of the achievement.


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I love creating clear, effective solutions with content and design. I discovered this while writing over 20 books, which led to blogging, recording podcasts, and writing for corporate America. My professional and personal experiences have taught me that clear, effective communication is the foundation for achieving your goals. Self-publishing charted my unconventional path into STEM. Each story, website design, brand redesign, and book cover served as a guidepost that led to earning my Masters in English, Technical Communication with a concentration on empathetic digital experiences and instructional design.

Shawneda writes women’s fiction about Black leads with inclusive friends, showing all lifestyles without attempting to speak for other’s experiences. For readers who enjoy diverse reads about women supporting women, read to escape, read for self-care, read to improve empathy for a different culture and know sometimes… books can be as effective as a course and therapeutic.

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