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Written and Read by Shawneda Season Two Weighing My Options

Toney, Briana, and Julie haven't seen each other in years. They're missing each other and their younger cousin LaUniqua. Time, distance, and shame over gaining a few pounds kept them apart but what can bring them back together?…

Carmandia Presscott is Making Moves in Metropolis

Meet Fashion Icon, Trailblazer, and Men Stylist Carmandi Prescott from Making Moves in Metropolis  Carmandi made heads turn, profits soar, public relations improve, and little brown girls feel like they could be influential too…

Meet Kendalynn Thompson from Making Moves in Metropolis

Meet Champion for Children, Wife, and SistahFriend Kendalynn Thompson of Making Moves in Metropolis  Kendalynn Thompson is the girl strong women love to love and petty women admire when trying to hate. She's fought and won ag…

Meet Phoebe, Solomon, and Lazarus Phillips of It's in My Blood of the Wholeness Series

Meet Artist, Wife, and Friend Phoebe Phillips Phoebe Phillips loved Rosalyn then... picture it grade school in ChiCity... and loves her in ChiCity when she comes home as an adult. Years of separation doesn't change a thin…

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