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Meet Maya and Roddreccus Hatton from Natural Sistahs Series

eBook I Am Not My Hair

I Am Not My Hair Natural Sistah Book 2 2020 Cover Update

Meet African American fiction character Maya Hatton

As well as her husband, Roddreccus Hatton from the Natural Sistahs series.
Maya Hatton’s goddaughter found her curly path to success with almost no drama. Her unexpected curltacular debut set off more drama in her life than she ever imagined including shaking the foundation of her twenty-year marriage. 

You can meet her goddaughter, and the entire Natural Sistahs crew when you download My Crowning Glory for free in the

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Maya’s Favorite Motivational Quote

Maya Hatton's favorite quote from Lena Horne. "It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."







Her husband Roddreccus Hatton. 




I created these book character representations including African American women’s fiction character, Maya Hatton, during the SIMS 4 gameplay.