PowHered Up

Several covers of GIG PowHer Press books and PowHered Up SIMS Challenge logo in center bottom of image

SIMS 4 gameplay has given me a new opportunity to connect with readers using video. Creating GIG PowHer characters in the SIMS4 adds a fun element to developing characters. Gameplay and Let’s Play challenges are part of the SIMS 4 lore. None of the challenges really fit the stories, sentiment, and characters from the GIG PowHer Book so, here is the PowHered Up SIMS challenge. The rules have been updated to support inclusive gameplay for all SIMs. 

 2023 PowHered Up SIMS Challenge Rules:

Rule 1:

Achieve career aspirations if the career is in the game. If the career is not in the game, max out skill related to the career.

Rule 2:

Must do at least one activity that increases fitness or wellness.

Rule 3:

Must take at least one trip with the “best friend” or “best friend group” every season. If a loner SIM who prefers to recharge with alone time, have the SIM go on a solo trip. 


Rule 4:

If the SIM is married, the couple has to go on at least two dates every season. Parent sims make one date with spouse and other as a family with all children.