Decoding Queens

Destruction Averted

Nya Scales fell in professional love with cyber security as an undergrad at Morgan State University. An elective course in technical communication led to tumbling down the programming rabbit’s hole during her internship the summer of her junior year. A double bachelor’s in cyber security and computer science, Master’s degree, and two layoffs later a consulting firm formed. Adjunct teaching at her alma mater and maintenance for a few former clients pays the bills as she builds her business.

Speaking at an online cyber security summit introduces her to a new clientele. New clients with prestigious portfolios and budgets to match. A hidden layer of code found during her first summit client’s initial audit uncovers a hidden danger. Averting this cyber attack will set her up for life if she can live to make it to her client’s headquarters. Failing can destroy the global economy after losing everyone she loves.

Evil Averted Girl Power Crime Fiction novel

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