Learning, Building, Growing Together GiG PowHer women's banner with a group of women from different ethhnicities.

GIG PowHer is a fiction series that turned into the online professional learning community where we learn, grow, and build together. 

What’s different about GIG PowHer?

This space isn’t where you come for your typical “rah rah” or “motivation” to produce results. We don’t have a “magic formula” , fake template, or cookie-cutter answers to your very personal and serious questions. Working toward building your business or building a profitable “side hustle” means putting in the work to make it work for you. Most of the women who have been to do this don’t do it by copying someone else’s style. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to get motivated, find a “plug and play” template because you don’t understand marketing. GiG PowHer is not for you… we wish you the best in another space. 

Speaking of marketing. We don’t. Brand communications? YASSS! Promotions? Of course! Advertising? When it’s affordable, applicable, and beneficial…Absolutely. Emotionally manipulate people into thinking they need to buy something as part of our business plans? No. Not in this community. And we’re also not where you join to “pick off” or siphon customers for your own business from the people in the community. Nah sis… there are literally THOUSANDS of groups on social media platforms where you can do that. We don’t engage in group connections there due to the smarmy way the most popular social media platform with groups treats members. Our private community is hosted on a private platform with no ads where neither you nor your information is the product. (Which is why it isn’t free.) Will you have organic opportunities to see if your solutions will help other community members? That’s the plan. 

If GIG PowHer sounds like it may be for you keep reading. Feel free to reach out to me on the GIG PowHer social accounts or my own @Shawneda on most platforms.


We define our own beauty and femininity. In all sizes. In every hue.
We celebrate each other’s God-given uniqueness, creativity, strength, beauty, and power every time we say “Hey girl!” or “That’s my girl!” or “Girl!” From ballet slippers to steel toe boots, from boardrooms to carpool lanes, we are unapologetic in our uniqueness. 

We love creating and producing results. From smartphone apps to pound cakes, department budgets to hand lettering, the strength of our ingenuity changes history in the future. 

​Just like the characters in the GIG PowHer series, with respect for each other’s differences, we’re united by embracing who God created us to be and inspired to achieve by Him. We are relentless in lovingly impacting our homes, neighborhoods, industries, and the world one goal, one achievement, one lesson, one course, one solution, and one event at a time. For more information about our community and live online events go to www.gigpowher.com