GiG PowHer Book Box Club

What is GIG PowHer™?

GiG PowHer™ stands for God-inspired girl power. The insurmountable impact of love-fueled girl power is woven into the fabric of every book written by Shawneda and included in every GIG PowHer Press Digital Book Box, GiG PowHer Press Digital Deluxe Book Box, GIG PowHer Press Pretty in Print Box, and GiG PowHer Press Ultimate Box. 

Is the GIG PowHER™ Book Box Club for You?

GiG PowHER™ is definitely for you if you’re inspired by God. When you’re looking to learn, build, and grow you find the strength to keep putting in the effort in your personal faith. You’re aware that learning takes time, building for sustainable success takes consistent effort, and growth comes with pain – and it’s all worth it. You’re honest with yourself about the cost of whatever you’ve committed your time and attention to get done, and you know when you’re fueled by love, nothing is impossible. 

Speaking of God, while your relationship with Him is priority number one… You’re not “spooky” or religious. Life is worth living and you’re doing it with the awareness of His deity without beating people over the head with the Bible. You enjoy reading about empowered women from diverse backgrounds, meeting challenges and plot twists with love, hope, grit, girl power, and overcoming the odds with synergy. The characters in the books roll up their sleeves and put in work to achieve their goal, and so do you.  

Working toward building your dream, best life, better health, professional brand, scaling your business, or building a profitable “side hustle” means putting in the work to make it work for you. Most of the women (in real-life and the GIG PowHer Press books) who have been able to this don’t do it by copying someone else’s style. You’ll learn some things about business, technology, and life reading these books. If you’re looking for somewhere to find examples of how to use a “plug and play” template because you don’t understand marketing, look elsewhere. 

Speaking of marketing. Not here. Brand communications? YASSS! Promotions? For sure! Advertising? When it’s affordable, applicable, and beneficial… Absolutely. Write stories where characters emotionally manipulate into thinking they need to buy something as part of growing a business? To exploit people’s hope? No. Not here. And this is also not where you’ll read about someone getting their “come up”  by siphoning customers for their business. Nah sis… there are literally THOUSANDS of groups on social media platforms (looking at you Facebook) where you can do that. If that’s what you want, GiG PowHer is definitely not for you. 

Seriously, maybe the GIG PowHER™ Book Box Isn’t For You?

The ebook devotionals are free because nothing should come between you and time with the Lord, especially when you’re experiencing economic hardship. However, most of the GIG PowHer Press ebooks aren’t devotionals. GIG PowHer Press books aren’t where you find the typical “rah-rah” or “motivation” to produce results — or where to look if you want to read all of your books for free. There are other sites to find those kinds of books and resources.

If you agree with the next statement, it’s likely a GIG PowHer Book Box is for you.  

Books are an integral part of your self-improvement and self-care. Whether in digital, print, or audio form, you enjoy stories full of sisterhood, justice, and women who celebrate each other. 

If you agree with the above sentence, one of our GIG PowHer Book Boxes may be for you.  To be sure, read the manifestHER below. 


You define your own beauty and femininity. Whatever your size. No matter your hue.

You celebrate every woman’s God-given uniqueness, creativity, strength, beauty, and power every time you say “Hey girl!” or “That’s my girl!” or “Girl!”. From ballet slippers to steel toe boots, from boardrooms to carpool lanes, you appreciate other women for who God created them to be. You know it doesn’t detract, subtract, or distract from who you are.

You love creating and producing results. From smartphone apps to pound cakes, department budgets to hand lettering, the strength of your ingenuity can change tomorrow’s history. 

​Just like many of the characters in the GIG PowHer series, you are relentless in lovingly affecting your home, neighborhood, industry, and the world. One prayer, one thoughtful gesture, one meaningful conversation, one goal, one achievement, one day, and one book at a time. 

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