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Get PowHered Up with the PowHer Besties

Cover photo for PowHer Besties

Enjoy getting to know the characters from our girl power books written for women with the ladies from the Natural Sistahs and GIG PowHer fiction series.

Transition Screen for Natural Sistahs PowHer Besties series

Will Anisa, Maya, Jeshaun and their besties get their curlfully ever after? Find out how things unfold for their SIMSelves. They continue pursuing their big dreams with friendship after facing three books worth of hairnanigans in Natural Sistahs.

Screen Transition GIG PowHer Besties

From Metropolis to Divinity Hills the ladies of GIG PowHer (the signature series for GIG PowHer Press) are living their best SIMS life with hope, grit, and girl power. See where life has led the women who met on the set of The Real Firstwives of Metropolis. 

PowHered Up Challenge Rules

1. Achieve the Aspirations for every lead character.

  • Focus on the career aspiration for careers that can in the SIMS 4. 
  • For non SIMS careers, focus on trait based aspirations. 

When it is ASPIRATION related, no cheats.

2. Must do an activity that increases fitness.

  • Dancing
  • Jogging
  • Treadmill
  • Boxing
  • Workout Videos
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Rock Wall Climbing
  • Army Training Combat Machine
  • Swimming
  • Bicycling
  • Basketball
  • Soccer

3. Must take at least one girls’ trip with their bestie(s) EVERY season until they have visited EVERY world available in the SIMS 4.

4. When a bestie invites them out they HAVE to go unless they’re at work, even if they have to take their kids.

5. Married SIMS have to go on two dates per season.

6. SIMS with kids have to do at least one bonding event with their child. 

7. SIMS married with kids have to do at least one bonding event with each child alone, all children, and the entire family. 

8. Single SIMS can choose to go on one date per season until they complete an aspiration. Then they can date to marry. Once they complete one aspiration, they can get married. Once they complete a second aspiration they can have kids.