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Meet JeShaun and her family from Me, My Hair, and I

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Me, My Hair, and I African American Women’s Fiction

Southeastern college coaches are all abuzz with Jeshaun’s skills on the volleyball court. Being a big sister who makes her Mom proud is number one on JeShaun’s list. So even more impressive than her spike, serve, and block is her 4.0 GPA. A full scholarship and choosing a career is all she can think about when she’s not sneaking glances at her crush. Wondering when she’d get the courage to tell her Aunt she’s ready to straighten her hair- with a relaxer.

JeShaun Wright HeadhShot

JeShaun Wright

JeShaun NYE Video Look

Me, My Hair, and I Natural Sistahs Book 3 2020 Front Cover

Me, My Hair, and I

Natural Sistahs Series Book 3

JeShaun lost her mom at an early age. Caring for her younger sister by being the best big sister in the world left little time for normal preteen things. As time winds down on her high school days, she must confront the things she ignored. Like boys and taking control of how to wear her hair.

JeShaun Favorite Quote from Wilma Rudolph

Me, My Hair, and I African American Women’s Fiction

Corey Bradley HeadShot

Corey Bradley

Tanya Bradley Headshot

Tanya Bradley

Keylisa Wright HeadShot

Keylisa Wright

Bradley-Wright Family

Tanya and Corey were married less than a year when her sister and bestie died. Not much time for mourning their forever plans as sisters. Tanya needed to love and parent her nieces through losing their mother. Corey’s loving arms and gentle demeanor helped her grieve while adjusting to becoming a “toddler mom”. Did she focus too much on Keylisa? Plans for JeShaun’s senior year fell apart with one Instagram post.

Corey loves JeShaun and Keylisa as much as an “uncle Dad” can. He detests being caught in the middle of the power struggle between his wife and JeShaun. His love for both of them fuels his efforts to make sure they find their way back to each other without ruining Tanya’s brand or crushing JeShaun’s spirit. 

These character representations were created during SIMS 4 gameplay.