Close to My Heart


Christ died on the cross for me. Once Christ returned to heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit to be my Comforter, Teacher, Guide, Counsel, and all-around Ace. The Bible is a sacred text which I don’t debate because I know it has been misused, abused, reinterpreted for a myriad of reasons, and mishandled for unholy gains. Despite all of these things, I know God is real based on the experiences I’ve had as a result of our relationship. I choose to worship God and don’t judge others who choose not to believe in God the way I do. Whether we believe the same thing or not… I choose to treat others with respect.

GiG PowHer Logo Close to My Heart

Books were one of the tools God used to protect my heart and mind while I lived with my biological family. Life taught me a lot too soon. God provided a lot of healing for life’s earliest painful lessons through my foster family. One of the ways I bonded with my foster dad involved reading books together until the day he passed away. Writing African American’s women’s fiction with diverse supporting characters, love-fueled crime fiction heroines, and devotionals is how I fulfill part of God’s purpose for me, honor the love and healing I received during foster care, and be an intentional part of the solution those sincere about making the world a better place for people of African enslaved descent. For readers working to support celebrating the beauty of being from diverse cultures and ethnicities instead of internalizing the narratives that support division.  

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​Reading shaped my childhood while protecting my empathy. Writing freed my ambition and strengthened my heart. Books became and remain an irreplaceable part of my life. We ❤ Books Con used the skills and appreciation for technology from my career as a technical communicator to provide those of us who ❤ enjoying, creating, and sharing books an opportunity to connect online. Zoom fatigue, personal responsibilities, and life led to this project being shuttered. 


Political parties have failed America. My observation is there is one party in America that doesn’t know how to work together like grownups anymore… The capitalist party. Without a sincere desire for cooperation and a return to wanting respectful communication, our country will continue to be ripped apart and sold to the highest bidder. The extremists can and will only be ignored when the “silent majority” begins to make our voices heard. I’m an independent voter unwilling to force my principles on others or compromise my faith. Not an easy path to take, but thanks to my Ace, l’m well equipped for the journey.