Christ died on the cross for me. Once He returned to heaven He sent the Holy Spirit to be my Comforter, Teacher, Guide, Counsel, and all-around Ace. The Bible is a sacred text which I don’t debate because I know it has been misused, abused, reinterpreted for a myriad of reasons, and mishandled for unholy gains. Despite all of these things, I know God is real based on the experiences I’ve had as a result of my relationship with Him. I choose to worship Him and don’t judge others who choose not to believe in Him. Whether we believe the same thing or not… we should all treat one another with respect.

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Most folks don’t know my story, because I don’t really tell it. Call it a case of unapologetic introversion, if you like, but talking about my personal life isn’t one of the things I love to do. It’s one of the things I’ve learned to do for readers interested in knowing more about the person writing the books. I’d rather write about God, quirky characters, how to use technology, or overcoming challenges… I digress.

More than twenty years ago, DFCS closed my case two days after I turned 18. The fastest thing they did for me as a ward of the court. To be honest, for me, foster care wasn’t the horror I’ve heard it can be and is for most children. What many kids experience in foster care is what happened to land me in the system.

No, foster care helped me, the way it was intended. Being part of a loving two-parent family, having a Dad, helped heal my heart. Over the years, I’ve realized how fortunate I am and have been looking for a way to help others. The way my foster Dad instilled in me. Success After Foster will share the wisdom I received from my foster experience that led to being a mentally sound, emotionally whole and stable, physically fit, and spiritually strong healthy adult able to live a full life.

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Learning like reading is fundamental for me. An author who read, My True Essence while it was in draft mode believed Dani’s Diva Den was a real place inspired by a local salon and wanted to visit it which is something, a compliment I held close to my heart as I completed the Wholeness series. Her voice and comment kept popping up when I prayed about what to write next in the GIG PowHer novel series.  Which is how the GiG PowHer learning community based on the support the characters gave each other in Making Moves in Metropolis came into existence.

Being part of a professional learning community can provide camaraderie, encouragement, and support that makes a positive difference in achieving one’s professional and entrepreneurial goals. GiG PowHer provides unrestricted space for like-minded women inspired by God to make the world it’s best with the power of love. Yes, I know it sounds super corny… Welcome to my world.

Supporting others is something I learned I love early in my professional endeavors at Comcast, Bank of America, and Wingate when I worked directly with customers. GiG PowHer learning community is close to my heart because it’s where I use my professional training as a technical communicator, online event organizer, and love inspired girl power to support ambitious girls and women looking to build a better tomorrow by learning how to harness the power of technology instead of being intimidated by it. Join us if you’re interested in achieving your goals with  GiG PowHer.

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​Reading shaped my childhood while protecting my empathy. Writing freed my ambition and strengthened my heart. Books are an irreplaceable part of my life. My appreciation for all books have done for me was the impetus for launching #W❤BCon. We ❤ Books Con uses the skills and love for technology from my career as a technical communicator to provide those of us who ❤ enjoying, creating, and sharing books an opportunity to connect in live online events. A series of FUN events for readers, listeners, players, authors, illustrators, editors, book designers, librarians, bloggers, Bookstagrammers, BookTubers, podcasters, and booksellers to experience #BOMO – benefits of meeting online. All that’s left to say is… Hope to see you at the con.


Political parties have failed the American public. My observation is there is one party in America that doesn’t know how to work together like grownups anymore… the capitalist party. Without a sincere desire for cooperation and a return to wanting respectful communication, our country will continue to be ripped apart and sold to the highest bidder. The extremists can and will only be ignored when the “silent majority” begins to make our voices heard. I’m an independent voter unwilling to force my principles on others or compromise my faith. Not an easy path to take, but thanks to my Ace, l’m well equipped for the journey.