GIG PowHer Studio Reader Freebies

GiG PowHer Reader Goodies

GIG PowHer Press readers enjoy stories about ambitious women. Each book showcases intelligent women from different ethnicities and cultures. They love and support each other through life’s challenges to achieve their goals. GIG PowHer Studio videos and podcasts will be based on GIG PowHer Press books.

Most ebooks from GIG PowHer Press cost less than a cup of gourmet/franchise coffee. Decide if the ladies from the GIG PowHer or Natural Sistahs series are your future GIGPowHer Besties or part of your power circle by reading the free books in the GIG PowHer Press sampler of Reader Goodies . You can read the next book in any GIG PowHer series by purchasing from the bookstore, Google Books, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Kobo, or Apple Books. Kindle Unlimited readers on a budget check at your local library. 

GiG PowHer Videos for Readers 

You can get to know the ladies from GIG PowHer in the SIMSverse. Adding SIMS 4 gameplay to character development offers a fresh way to connect with the ladies from  Natural Sistahs series, GIG PowHer fiction series, and future series. You can watch videos for free on YouTube. Shawneda readers with a GIG PowHer Press Studio Pass get exclusive videos and early access.

Free eBook Devotionals for Readers

You don’t sign up to for a newsletter to receive free books from me. You can find links to the GIG PowHer Press sampler above and on all of my social media. The GIG PowHer Press eBook sampler includes the first book in the Natural Sistahs and GIG PowHer Press series for free and all devotionals.

God laid it on my heart to make all eBook devotionals available for free. So that’s what I did.