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GIG PowHer Press is a black-owned woman-owned bespoke handbound book and eBook publisher. 


  • Women’s fiction (GiG PowHer series)
  • African American fiction (Red Ribbon Collection, Pink Ribbon Collection, Natural Sistahs series)
  • Devotionals aka eBook Freevotionals
  • Customized commissioned handbound sketchbooks, journals, planners, wedding and baby albums, and special projects
  • Large Print options for all handbound print books available and for preorder

In development:

  • Handmade handbound books by African Americans in Project Gutenberg

Women’s fiction

Books about intelligent women for readers looking for more than the mainstream industry formulas. While some of the major characters in the GIG PowHer signature series are women of faith, they’re not religious. They’re “God-inspired”. 

African American fiction

Books by an African American woman for African American readers about the vast experiences shared by people of African descent. African Americans are not a monolith, and neither are these books about our experiences. 


Armed with a research-driven detail orientation akin to a scientist, you’ll find books related to making technology work for you. Planned nonfiction books focus on brand communications, technical communication, or building the business that works for your customers using technology.


Diamond Butterfly devotionals provide women looking for life-applicable straight forward prose on healing from the past to have your best future. God laid it on my heart to make devotionals in eBook format free, so I did. Fiction series based devotionals are from the character’s perspective as part of character development to help me “get in the character’s head”. 

Handmade Handbound Journals

Many readers also love writing in journals, drawing, sketching, and composing poetry. GIG PowHer Press will offer journals with blank pages, grid interiors, and lined interiors.  We will also publish wholesale planners/journals for your company, ministry, club, or association.  

Handmade Handbound Public Domain Books

Authors of African American works in Project Gutenberg aren’t easy to find by book artisans who specialize in hand binding and selling classics. Readers who want to read classics from authors like Phyliss Wheatley, Ann Harriet Jacobs, and Zora Neale Hurston can order their handbound works from GIG PowHer Press in 2021. 

What is the difference between traditional printing, print-on-demand, and handbound book production?

Traditional Offset Printing

Commercial offset printing uses metal plates to transfer the information from the plates to the paper. You can read a fullexplanation of the different types of offset printing here.

 Digital Printing

Digital printing replaces the need for creating metal plates.   First, by using technological advances to decide what is printed on paper based on the document’s design. Next, computer software communicates where to put the ink on the paper. Here is a morein-depth explanation from a company that has some experience with digital printing

HandBound Book Production

Handbound book production is the process of hand binding a book’s cover and interior together by hand. I do this using archival safe, non-toxic adhesive, and sewing. For sketchbooks and journals, I sew together blank or lined signatures. Zines, chapbooks, fiction, and nonfiction are printed in signatures before being bound and covered with paper or cloth. 

Here at GIG PowHer Press laser printers produce the interiors. Inkjet/photo printers produce paperback covers. I then assemble the book by hand with love, thread, and non-toxic adhesive.