I l💖ve creating clear effective solutions with content and design. I discovered this while writing over 20 books, designing and teaching several courses, blogging, and recording podcasts. My professional and personal experiences have taught me that clear, effective communication is the foundation to achieving your goals. Self-publishing charted my unconventional path into STEM. Each story, website design, brand redesign, and book cover served as a guidepost that led to earning my Masters in English, Technical Communication with a concentration on empathetic digital experiences and instructional design.

Tinkering with things on the computer has been fun for me since I sat in front of a MS-Dos monitor in elementary school. Don’t ask if I died from dysentery on the Oregon Trail. I’ll never tell 😉.

​Please do inquire about the importance of human first design-thinking when creating content and resources for employees, stakeholders, and customers. Investing in a customized plan to prevent and resolve technical communication challenges distinguishes your brand from every other business in your industry. Keeping your workforce and customer first is how you leverage technology to benefit your staff and clients. Memorable brands use clear effective solutions to benefit everyone involved.

To see examples of my work, check out my portfolio.