Professional Writer

Shawneda, Professional Writer

I enjoy creating clear, effective solutions where marketing merges with technical communication. I’ve created valuable customer experiences for almost thirty years. My empathy and penchant for technology helped thousands of customers when I became known as the “irate customer whisperer” as a lead customer support technician for Comcast. After years of helping viewers with their cable, telephony, and hi-speed internet, I continued creative writing. Penning my first romance novel (which will never see the light of day) led to publishing over 20 women’s empowerment fiction and nonfiction books.

Diving head first into self publishing in the digital era reawakened a passion for technology that led to designing curriculums and teaching several courses, blogging, hosting podcasts. Personal challenges led to returning to the workforce with new skills that launched the marketing departments for several companies. My experiences as a professional writer and entrepreneurial endeavors taught me that clear, effective communication is the foundation for achieving goals.

After completing a bachelor’s in business and undergrad marketing certificate as a nontraditional student, I earned my Masters in English, Technical Communication with a concentration on empathetic digital experiences and instructional design. I embraced my preference for brand communications instead of marketing based on emotional manipulation. Tinkering with things on the computer has been fun for me since I sat in front of an MS-Dos monitor in elementary school. Don’t ask if I died from dysentery on the Oregon Trail. I’ll never tell.

‚ÄčAs a techie professional writer, I’m dedicated to leveraging the importance of human first design-thinking. As a former Gifted child, I’m known for intense exchanges about content and resource solutions where marketing merges with technical communications for employees, stakeholders, and customers. Whether I’m working in Corporate America or the nonprofit sector, I’m creating customized plans to prevent and resolve technical communication challenges to distinguish the brand from every other business in the industry. Keeping a workforce and customer first is how you leverage technology to benefit your staff and clients. Memorable brands use clear, effective, integrated brand communication to benefit everyone involved.

I’m invested in being a part of corporations that value reducing customer disappointments, workforce frustration, and brand confusion by implementing an intentional holistic communication plan. I create solutions that add value and increase profits.

To see samples of my work, check out my portfolio.

For more about my books and to see visual branding assets I’ve created, go to my Author page.¬†