Diamond Butterfly: Share Heal Sparkle Shine Fly

Diamond Butterfly Share Heal Sparkle Shine Fly offers readers a simple guide to help start or continue on the path to emotional wholeness. A great resource for any woman who experienced emotional trauma with proven tools to equip individuals and small groups on the path to emotional wholeness through intimacy with Christ. 

(Free adaptable curriculum for use in women’s ministries, churches, and small groups available)

Each chapter includes:

  • Scripture references
  • Chapter specific confessions
  • Life-changing prayers 
  • Scripture for continued study and meditation     


Diamond Butterfly Wings of Purpose Karats of Destiny equips women to use scripture, prayer, and sisterhood to achieve the life God designed just for them.
Whether you read this devotional individually, as part of a small group or in preparation for an upcoming Christian based conference or retreat you’ll find principles instrumental on your path to wholeness.
You’ll find:
  • Transparent reflection on overcoming the obstacles to knowing you have a purpose
  • Encouraging words to make decisions and discard excuses
  • Sincere, simple prayers at the end of each chapter
  • Scriptures for study and meditation
Diamond Butterfly Wings of Purpose Karats of Destiny is a passionate hug with words from a woman who refuses to live a life less than God’s purpose and destiny for her who believes God wants the same for you!