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When a Cheerleading Coach and Principal Change Your Life… Make Them a Character

Janie Collins from MY CROWNING GLORY is based on two people who shaped and molded a young foster girl into someone who might one day dare to believe in herself enough to pursue her literary dreams. 

Janie Hatton was the First National Principal of the Year in 1994. She led a school of over fifteen hundred students with a strict, firm, and relatable hand. Under her leadership the diverse population of students thrived with a larger than normal African American and Latino infusion into the AP class track that many schools rival to this day.

Liddie Collins is a twenty plus year public television producer and child empowerment advocate. Driven, tough and sincere  her tough love taught a young girl about class, dignity, and proper form on the court, side of the football field, and in life. 
Like her real life inspirations, Janie Collins is a force to be admired in MY CROWNING GLORY, book one of the Natural Sistahs series. The beauty, brains, and fortitude of these women were brought together to  help shape the life of a new college graduate navigating the journey into independence. While she isn’t the main character of MY CROWNING GLORY, she is pivotal to the development and growth of Anisa Links. 

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