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Work in Progress Report

The Write Tracks for 
have been assembled. 
Work on the story begins today!
In addition to completing this series
I’m finishing the street lit series.
The author I’m working with is in charge of the cover creation
so I can’t show it to you but it is coming. 
The entire series will be done by the end of May
and as soon as he uploads it 
the entire series of
King Penn’s D.R.E.A.M. 
will be ready for the world. 
Only God knows how far J. Bogans III will go as an author.
I’m just thankful to be the vessel God used to 
help him see his first book published. 
The devotional for the Wholeness series 
will be sent to all of the newsletter subscribers who requested a copy
the same day the final book in the Wholeness series 
is uploaded to all of the ebook platforms. 
If you’re interested in receiving a custom inscribed copy
of this devotional sign up for my newsletter. 
I include a link to request your customized 
Women of Wholeness devotional each month. 
Thanks for reading. 
Stay inspired. 

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