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ThankFul Thursday for Prince Rogers Nelson Legend Icon Musical Gift to the World

Watching a video of Prince Rogers Nelson my heart filled with so many emotions. 

And the distinct realization experienced watching genius in motion. 
The appreciation you enjoy when you witness someone…
Bold enough to immerse themselves in the art flowing through their veins. 
In one of his interviews, Prince said he lived to perform and 
loved more intimately than he’d ever been able to love a woman– music. 
So many courageous musicians and entertainers
innovators who dared to overcome
adversity, abuse, fear, and poverty 
who lived their dreams have ceased to draw breath on Earth. 
I believe he knew. 
The last party, the last tour… 
he lived life to the fullest until the last breath. 
God has given each and every person something special
When an artist or anyone is able to immerse themselves 
in being who God created them to be
those fortunate to be born during their time 
are able to witness genius like 
Prince even when they feel 
Stripped of their Identity 
for a part of their life. 
God blessed him with an amazing gift and countless talents. 
He blessed the world by not allowing anything in life to keep him
from creating music. 
My soul aches with the thought my child will not witness the 

musical creativity and originality of someone like 
Prince Rogers Nelson… 

I introduced my daughter to his music today to make sure even if 
she doesn’t witness someone as original and musically gifted as him
in her lifetime she’ll know he exists and appreciate musical genius. 
Good bye Prince Rogers Nelson… I was blessed to be alive when 
your star ascended and thankful to see it burn bright forever.

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