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Loving My Results Write Tracks Work in Progress Wednesday

This is the first phase of the fun part. 
Tell you the truth… I enjoy all the parts of releasing books now. 
I even enjoy editing. 
Over the years as I confronted all of the fears that come with 
writing a book and sharing it with the public finding a way to 
enjoy each phase of the process made more sense than
dreading something I know is a part of my purpose and destiny. 
Music is as necessary to writing for me as air is to breathing. 
Here is the list of songs for the last story in the Wholeness series. 
Everyday, all day, watching Netflix, listening to the radio
I hear inspiration in all forms of music. 
EVERY genre from ROCK to Country… even GANGSTA RAP
I’ve been collecting the songs for this book for the last three years. 
Here are a few of the melodies you’ll feel
in every word written in Loving My Results. 
Natasha Bedeinfield (opens every writing session)
Jill Scott & Anthony Hamilton “So in Love”
Alicia Keys “Superwoman”
Whitehead and McFadden “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”
And one of my FAVORITE additions to this list floated through
the speakers of my television while watching NetFlix
with my daughter.
Liv and Maddie “What a Girl Is…”
Don’t change who you are to fit someone else’s ideal of beauty.
This message rings true to part of the message of Loving MY Results
the ladies are gonna have some interesting experiences as they
recognize the beauty in making fitness part of their lifestyle instead of a goal.
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No…. well there is so much going on as we celebrate
my 10 Year Authorversary… I’ve created some great gifts to give you. 
Yes, I’m celebrating ten years but I’d be crazy not to celebrate with you. 
Writing God inspired Girl power books wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t here.  
10 years have flown by
most amazing part is I’m just getting started. 
Thanks for reading.
Back to work on putting together this music.

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