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Work in Progress Wednesday Finishing the Wholeness Women Devotional

After this devotional is completed the only thing 
left to do is finish the final book in the Wholeness series. 
Loving My Results. 
Then my time as a “Christian fiction” author will be complete.  
I’ll be a Christian who writes fiction
instead of a Christian fiction author. 
So as I wrap up the devotional 
I’m pretty excited and nervous. 
Call it Nervcited…
I’ve written niche genre fiction
for the last ten years exclusively. 
Now I’m parlaying… well more like
transitioning into mainstream books. 
The next series first three covers and plots are coming together.
I’ve completed preparation stand alones and series in several genres:
Urban fantasy
Women’s Fiction
Contemporary Romance
Street Lit
Won’t really know which way to go first until I 
complete the Wholeness series. 
I consider it my first fruit of sorts. 
Ideals for devotionals have been in the works 
for a while too but none “stick.” 
I’m writing all of the new fiction under
except for the Romance & Street Lit series.
Neda Real is my pseudonym
for my Street Lit series written with
my broham J. Artis. 
Did I mention I have a HUGE ten year anniversary 
project coming soon?
I do. 
No worries. 
You’ll see it soon. 
So between getting the books all uploaded on 
Google Play and iTunes
I’m preparing another ten year anniversary gift to give you guys. 
Super excited. 
Thanks for reading. 
Next week this time I’ll be updating you on 

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