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Loving My Results Work in Progress Wednesday

Once again it is on. 
I’m about ten songs away. 
“Fearless” by Group 1 Crew
“What a Girl Is” by Dove Cameron
Just two of the Girl Power songs
capturing the sentiment and achievements
for Briana, Julie, and Toney. 
New babies, new marriage, new career,
and new bodies to keep “PERFECT.”
Except that perfection is an ILLUSION!
These ladies and all of the beautiful mess
of love, life and learning to have what you want
and need instead of trying to “have it all.”
Placing finishing touches on the 
Women of Wholeness devotional
a newsletter subscriber exclusive. 
This quick inspirational read gives you
one on one time with the ladies we’ve grown to love
and others some readers can only tolerate. 
The prayers, signature scriptures and
love from the characters has been eye opening. 
So excited to be finishing this series. 
I’m also excited about Shawneda – Bold Inspiration
Have you downloaded the app yet?
Waiting for notification from On iTunes
and available now on 
Google Play and Amazon Appstore. 

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