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Nodding my head and loving the smooth sounds of @aliciakeys, @noelgourdin, and Jennifer Hudson to round out my mainstream Write Tracks for Beyond My Status

I believe that since God owns the fullness of the earth he owns all of the music too. I don’t write only to Christian music, or any one genre. My fingers fly from inspiration in the song and stories and emotions conveyed in the music. The characters choose the music and I approve of their choices, is the way I see it. Here are a few more songs on rotation while working on Beyond My Status.

From now on don’t sweat what they call you just choose better names to answer to, like beautiful.

It’s alright to climb out of tough times together, just don’t look down.

One of my couples is interracial and even in less stressful situations, we have to have the courage to act beyond the confines of our intellect.