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Bopping to Kirkfranklin, Canton Jones and Myronbutler for Beyond My Status Write Tracks

The men are not missing in my ears as I polish and pull together the scenes and lives of Phoebe and Solomon, Rosalyn and Daniel and their loving families as they dare to live on purpose in Beyond My Status sequel to It’s in My Blood, HIV/AID Christian fiction awareness novel.

Do I really need to write something clever, you’ve been inspired to move and scared too. Tell Grace Hello and Fear goodbye.

I Smile of course you’ll do this after you kick fear’s butt out and live Beyond Status

No matter what happens in life God wants to use each hardship to make us stronger.

There’s something on the top of yo head.

Love when the men come on and lend their sound to the track. Do you prefer male or female or no vocals if you are able to listen to music while you read or write.