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Diamond Butterfly Taking Time for Spiritual, Physical and Mental Restoration

It’s been quite some time since I wrote about or did a P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Someting Happens) campaign. It’s on my radar. I may repost one I did before about finances for the nation because at the rate services to the disadvantaged are being proposed to be cut GOD needs to step in. Praying about it (smile). What I’m not praying about is a needed break away from work.Since, January, I’ve been writing nonstop and will be taking the remainder of this week off to exclusively study my word for mental refreshing and spend time with the love of my life. Stay tuned though. Contests, book events and fun announcements for My True Essence and Beyond My Status coming soon. Two books released within two months of each other. Whew to God be the glory. Embracing Myself Now the sequel to My True Essence is aggressively scheduled for release in October … Gotta tighten up on my keystroke. PRAY FOR ME (yes I know I’m yelling)! Please. God bless and thank you in advance.I will resume working on my current WIP and this blog next week.