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Breast Cancer Awareness Christian fiction story My True Essence available May in honor of National Women’s Health Week

My True Essence is getting it’s debut in honor of National Women’s health week. In addition to addressing and raising awareness about the importance of mammograms and self breast exams it addresses an even greater issue of mental health and self awareness. We are more than our breasts, hair and fashion. We are more than immaculate makeup or perfect coiffed hair. The beauty of a women’s essence is the unique part of her spirit and soul crafted and blessed by God himself. Subscribe to the site to find out when the excerpt is posted. So thankful to God for giving me this heartfelt story and it’s sequel, Embracing Myself Now.

Please contact me via email if you would like an ARC of My True Essence in exchange for an honest review to be posted on your blog, website, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Initial release will be in ebook format followed by print release October of this year in honor of National Breast Cancer awareness (unless of course reader response is soo great it can’t wait. Which would be awesome. That is up to you!)