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All I Ever Wanted, National Poetry Month and Forever Love

“Black Women” was my first piece of published work. 
My sophomore year of high school my foster Dad
sent it to the National Library of Poetry (now defunct) and they selected it for publication. 
In honor of my parents anniversary this month and 
National Poetry Month I’ll be posting some of my poems
giving away a copy of my poetry book
Quiet as kept a new poetry book is in the works
But this time I’m taking it to the next dimension. 
Stay tuned. 
For years I fought suggestion I recite my poetry
The main reason being I didn’t want to bare my soul
in front of other people. 
Putting my feelings into writing 
Freed me and kept me sane
Reciting my poems in front of people 
was the equivalent of stripping on stage.
Fear stopped me then
Purpose drives me now
So in addition to poetry books
I’ll also be sharing my poems more here.

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