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Whose on the Screen in 2012?

You have contacted me and let me know that you’re enjoying reading about the characters fighting to move from my imagination into their rightful place in front of readers. The HIV/AWARENESS red ribbon collection and the BREAST CANCER awareness pink ribbon collection introduced some lovable and not so lovable women. Rosalyn and Naomi pulled readers into their tumultuous relationship. Jenessa, Dani and Rebecca wiggled their way into some readers hearts and frustrated the minds of others. Stories for these leading ladies were born in my first novel, Love Is…and one of the main characters from Love Is… Toni made a guest appearance in It’s in My Blood and hasn’t been seen since. Well, the wait to find out what happened to her is almost over.

The awareness novel for 2012 will bring readers up to date on what happened to Toni after she moved from Texas to Georgia. Lots of things have changed since we last saw her at Rebecca and Colby’s wedding in It’s in My Blood. Things may or may not have worked out for her when she moved to Georgia. You’ll enjoy the yellow ribbon collection. It is a story and subject matter much like the red and pink ribbon collection that is near and dear to my heart. I’ll tell you more about it later.

Two ebook series will also be birthed in 2012.
Diamond Butterfly Angels.
My entry into the urban fantasy genre very much inspired by my love of fantasy books written by C. S. Lewis among others. These will be novella size action packed sizzlers. Think Dennis Haybert’s “The Unit” and “Buffy the Vampire slayer” have a urban fantasy baby.

Real Firstwives
This series was inspired when I like millions of other Americans was pulled into the reality wives drama all over cable networks. Instead of using their television time for selfish gain however these divine divas are making church life in the spotlight look good. Well, that is the plan. Each fictional city has three or four women serving as pastor’s, elders and first ladies focused on glorifying God on national television. You’ll see. The original intent was to release each episode in a serialized manner. Reader feedback indicated this is not an enjoyable ereading format so I’m releasing each franchise a season at a time.

There will also be a new Diamond Butterfly devotional released next year, Wings of Purpose~Karats of Destiny. I’ll keep you posted. Sign up for the newsletter to read Love Is… for free and find out new info in the quarterly Reader Alerts. Thank you for sharing how much you enjoy the devotionals and my books with your friends and family.

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