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Meet Toney at the beginning Wholeness Series

Antonette “Toney” Lochs  (pretty sure it was Antonette been awhile moving on.
Toney finished college and launched her bookkeeping service… in 2006. She is the main female lead in Love Is… and continues with us throughout the entire ten book Wholeness Series. She’s from OHIO, engaged to Rajj (we’ll create him later this week) and best friends with Colby. Check out her different looks and get to know her all over again and follow her life in the SIMS 4 or here on the blog when she appears in flash fiction posts. 


This character was created during gameplay using the SIMS 4 created by EA. 

Here are her books in the Wholeness series. What happened to Toney that forced her to start weighing her options? 


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