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First Day of #NanoWriMo working on My Crowning Glory #Natural Sistahs Novel Series Book 1

This is the first day I’ll write about Anisa Links, power mover, community health fellow and self proclaimed “Cute Girl”. This is also the first book I’ll be writing in first person from Anisa’s viewpoint as she makes a life changing decision to CHANGE HER HAIR!
I’ve prayed and am committing myself to  habits necessary for me to give my best self to this book by:
Exercising EVERY DAY 
Eating More Veggies 
Water and Tea only no soda (not even the natural soda *sigh)
I saw this picture and am gonna attempt to meet the challenge, most authors want to do this. 
Anisa Links has a lot of important decisions that will impact every aspect of her life more than she ever imagined. Relaxed, texturizer, braids, transition,  locks, or big chop is one of a few decisions she has to make. 
This is gonna be interesting. Stay tuned.  Natural Sistahs is not a traditional “Christian fiction” novel series but it is clean fiction and I hope you’ll enjoy it. 
I’m looking for sistahs who want to share their natural journey with others.