GIGPowHer Besties

Cover photo for PowHer Besties

SIMS 4 gameplay has given me a new opportunity to connect with readers using video. Creating GIG PowHer characters in the SIMS4 has added a fun element to developing characters. Gameplay and Let’s Play challenges is part of the SIMS 4 lore. None of the challenges really fit my writing style so, I created this one. The PowHered Up challenge. These rules will guide the game play for the PowHer Besties series with the ladies from the Natural Sistahs series over on YouTube. 

GiGPowHer Besties PowHered Up Challenge Rules:

Rule 1:

Achieve career aspirations if their career is in the game. If their career is not in the game max out all of their trait based aspirations.

Rule 2:

Must do at least one activity that increases fitness.

Rule 3:

Must take at least one girls’ trip with her bestie(s) every season.


Rule 4:

Unless she’s at work if her bestie(s) calls to inviter her out before 7 PM she has to go.

Rule 5:

If she’s married she has to go on at least two dates every season.

Rule 6:

If she has children, she has to go on at least one outing with each child. 

Rule 7:

A family outing in addition to the one-on-one fun with each child if married with more than one child. 

Rule 8:

Single ladies with or without children can only go on one date per season until they achieve one aspiration. No commitments until they achieve their aspiration.