Crowned in Codefidence : Professional Development Journal Celebrating Black Women in Tech


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Crowned with Codefidence: Professional Development Journal Celebrating Black Women in Tech

A professional development journal for acquiring, developing, and improving your coding skills. Celebrating fourteen Black women who shaped the world, informed commerce, and the technology industry thanks to their brilliance, resilience, and confidence.

Crowned with Codefidence : Celebrating Black Women in Tech is a 266 page professional development journal with:

  • 100 day challenge tracker inspired by 100 Days of Code created by Alexander Kallaway
  • Three 30 day challenge trackers that can be used to track 30 day coding challenges
  • 100 days of goal tracking resources
  • 2 hackathon planners
  • 14 hand lettered coloring pages highlighting Black Women in Tech

Celebrate past and present Black women in tech while achieving your career goals.

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