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You Know What? Obedience is Better than Sacrifice

So I’ve been literally sitting on a story about a topic near and dear to my heart for almost three years. 
Not because it isn’t a good story but because it is in a genre I made a half-serious statement that I’d never write. 
So one of my favorite novels of all time was “Coldest Winter Ever”. To be honest for its gut wrenching honesty and imagery, it still holds a place in the top twenty-five books I’ve read my entire life. (That is a lot of books. I love reading as much as I love writing.)
So back to this story because I’m stalling. 
One of the things God’s created me to do is serve His daughters. I’m all about Girl Power…not FEMINISM. No, I’m not a feminist…I like my door held, chair pulled out, hair did, nails did and most anything in the pink family. Look at this blog…
Still stalling.
So my story inspiration for the serial fiction Diamond Butterfly Angels was born from my life goal to start a girl’s group home for women especially teens transitioning out of the sex slave trade. No one talks about the insane lack of physical resources for girls escaping or rescued. 
I met the girls in this story for Diamond Butterfly Angels. God showed me despite my dislike of the glamourization of “ghetto life” or “ghetto fabulousness” in street lit books in the blowuptuation of the street-lit genre I’m going to write one based on the word of God. 
Don’t look at the screen like that, it is true. I’ll have scripture to back up everything that happens in the novel that God used to birth the Diamond Butterfly Angel series.  
 At first, this might not seem like a “girl power” book but it is. Every lesson I learned in life hasn’t been because I made the best decisions. Some of the hardships I’ve experienced came due to my disobedience or association with the disobedience of others. That is all I can tell you now about this story because I’m still tripping God won’t let me forget about or neglect writing it.
Pray for your girl this is 
But I’m doing it anyway because I do know what life has taught me. 

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