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Writing, Engaging and Studying: My Works in Progress

Briana is happy…ish. 
Toney is ready to move forward and live her dream.
Julie is absolutely prepared to be the BOSS. 
Never under estimate the power of a woman
with self-esteem, a great support system and a plan. 
These ladies all fit that bill… your patience is soo appreciated
and will be worth it once you have the book in “hand.”
Market research has led me to realize you guys are enjoying the app
but you’re almost ready for me to release the new areas I believe will
make it of the greatest benefit for you. 
Nothing could have prepared me in my wildest dreams for being an app developer. 
Once I complete my current planned studies the rest of my life
I’ll be focused on how to enhance and improve how I engage and interact with you.
Everything I learn to help my TrendySexyCool clients and employers will
always be applied to meeting your needs. 
Always feel free to contact me and let me know what you’d like to see…
Next month I’ll be introducing new reader sections.
Completing my college degrees has been more than a notion. 
Fulfilling, challenging and absolutely not easy but degree number one is almost done. 
Life experience coupled with my formal education has been phenomenal. 
When I’m not working on finishing the Wholeness series
and creating content for the app my nose is buried in a book. 
Going back to school as I accepted my marriage ended 
as my life fell apart really proved to be the best thing in the world for me. 
Enhancing my professional knowledge base and skill set has been priceless.
Being able to explore what I really want to do has been life changing. 
In the event you don’t have your degree or all of the education you desired
start investigating how you can achieve your educational goals. 
Don’t let age, or time or anything stop you from putting together a plan
then taking each step to execute it until you have your papers in your hand. 
Whether it is trade school, or certification for a specialty, or something else…
The time will pass anyway… learn what you need to know to succeed in
moving forward. 

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