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Would Jesus Be On FaceBook and Twitter … Is That Why You Are There?

OH NO she didn’t!

There were no high profile Christians, or celebrities on my TL when I signed on as part of my “author platform.” It was a vast wonderland of information, connections and possibilities to connect with people I admire. Authors of books I read, book and movie reviewers I enjoyed, and the occasional celebrity (but they were too busy and important for something as miniscule as twitter.)
It was cool because it wasn’t “mainstream” … to me anyway. Now it seems all I see everyday are 140 characters or less of people FB Post prophesying, “Tweaching” and going on Twitterthons because it gives them an immediate release for the things weighing on their minds. 
I’m not saying social media doesn’t have a place in “ministry” I just wonder would Jesus be on Facebook and Twitter? If you think the answer is yes … what would he tweet?
“Yo, just cast this wicked demon out of this kid. Big up to My Dad G.O.D.” 
“Yeshua Messiah on the scene about to get this young baptism. Whose down with me and my cuzzo John?” 
For the deep and spiritual people maybe they believe he’d post pictures about who he is…
Don’t Meet Me Here, Beat Me Here … JC. 
I am linked to many people I know love the Lord offline but I wonder sometimes if we spend too much time scheduling, posting, sharing, retweeting and liking things our close friends have put online when we could pick up the phone or drive to their homes for real fellowship.
Social Media is a great tool for some ministries and I believe God uses the Holy Spirit to move and touch someone’s heart with a pin, FB post and tweet …I just wonder some times if Jesus would spend as much time online as we do … if any …or would he be more concerned about living a life to help him gain access into the hearts of the people typing messages?
I’m not leaving the blogosphere, Pinterest, Twitter, FB, Tumblr, LinkedIn or any of the other online places I frequent sporadically because while they are no longer my main point of contact (they were at one point) they have and serve a purpose. It just hit me when I was reading what I believe one of the twitter people thought would be a “powerful” tweet and wondered if JC were alive today how much time would he spend on social media.