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W.I.P. Wednesday First Week of Loving My Results

First things first I’m celebrating completing one of the hardest stories I’ve ever written in my life.

Harder than penning the devotional
birthed from the pain of healing from 
being left uncovered by a less than stellar parent
and available as low lying fruit to sexual predators. 
Harder than the story based on the death of my friend
who passed away isolated by the stigma of his illness.

Writing Open My Heart didn’t happen easily because it forced me to live what I wrote. 
Yeah, I’m enjoying the moment of being
done with the book and realizing the satisfaction of finishing this series. 
I’m so ready to write
Loving My Results
because to be honest 
But before I can delve into the lives of 
Toney (one of my faves)
I can’t speak for others 
but this author has favorite characters.
Brianna and Julie are back too….
Let’s talk about the devotional these
and the other women of Wholeness have for you. 
To say I will miss these ladies is an understatement.
In many ways I’ve grown with them
in my ability to love, as a woman, and
as a mother on my journey to wholeness. 
Enjoying closing the series and moving on 
to other genres and characters but I’ll never forget them.
These ladies  from all ten of the books
will always have a special place in my heart. 
So stay tuned.
Those of you who have requested your customized copies
will receive it soon and those who
subscribe to the newsletter will be in for a treat too. 
For now enjoy books one through nine of the Wholeness series
and please accept my sincerest gratitude for your
prayer in support and reading my novels 
over the years. 
You have no way to know how much
sharing time with you between the lines 
means to me. 
Watch your inbox for the devotional. 
Share the series with a friend. 
Continuing to grow as an author
wouldn’t be the same without you. 
Coming before  after February 28th!

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