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Unconditional Love a poem by Shawneda shared in honor of National Poetry Month

Unconditional Love

No thought or preference
To my outward trappings
Not once did I hear You
Criticize or belittle only
Encouragement, words of
Love all chastisement was
Out of concern the source
Of which is the thing that draws me to You. A love so
Pure so clean wonderful and
True I know it could only
Come from Him who is all
Things when I need them
The one I run at all times
To. My Confidant, Friend,
Father, Savior, Master, Lord
You give me that which
No one else seemed able to
Afford. Without regard for
My past or present flaws or
Acts with bloodstained glasses
You saw past all of that.
Focusing on the things within
And accepting those without
Your unconditional love is what the world craves and cries about.
I finally have found the thing that so many yearn to find and it is so precious, rare and great
That I cannot keep it to myself.
I must share this unconditional love with everyone else. 

published in “All I Ever Wanted: From God, From Life, From People”
a poetry anthology by Shawneda


I write a lot about God’s love 
Because I know how much I need His love

Have you accepted God’s unconditional love for you?

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