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Truth vs Reality

Truth is that Jesus is the son of
God He gave His life as a
sacrifice to reconcile us to the
Reality is people don’t know
And some who do don’t let
It show although for our
Redemption He died many
have things they’re not willing
to put aside.
Truth is that God is love
And that although the
World says love doesn’t hurt
we break His heart everyday.
Reality is that a lot of
People don’t care enough-
Just wanna do and get what
Benefits them but aren’t
willing to suffer or share.
Truth is that love is quite
Painful, because when done
God’s way it’s quite likely
Changing who you are an
how your heart works the
process is gonna hurt.
Reality is most people don’t
give true love because they
don’t wanna put in the effort
And do the work.
Truth is that true love hurts
and it requires for you to count
yourself last.
Reality is that most people
Do just the opposite and that is
the problem we all need to
“Published in All I Ever Wanted” Anthology

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