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Top Twelve Things I’m Thankful for in 2012

12. The ability to connect with people I may have never otherwise encountered or met via Social media.
11. Finally learning how to do my hair in cute natural styles (seems shallow but is huge!)
10. My Kindle and my daughter’s nook color for 21st century book love.
9. Workout DVDs from my favorite fitness experts.
8.  Strength to workout and restoration of a healthy blood pressure and good overall health. 
7. The ability to trust God to supply all of my needs and opportunity to watch Him do it everyday. 
6.   You! Yes you reading this blogpost, those of you who read my devotionals, novels and take time to review and comment on them, it means the world to me. 
5.  Clear purpose, direction and favor from God to walk out my destiny. 
4. Family and friends who pray for, support, correct, challenge, indulge, celebrate and love me. 
3. The beautiful relationship that is forming between me and my daughter as she grows into the person God created her to be.  
2. Strength and grace to be the wife God desires for me to be. 
1. The thing I’m most thankful for today and everyday is a dynamic, vibrant relationship with God, because of the sacrifice of His son Jesus who sent the Holy Spirit.  

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