I don’t believe this for one moment. My life is not perfect, I’m flawed …which is why I write about flawed women. A couple of years ago I shared more personal, quirky things on my blog but I was told by several “industry experts” this would not help me “build my platform” or “gain readers”. 
Well guess what…
So since I’ve gone and started toward the ledge I’m gonna pick up the pace and take a flying leap off of it!
Here are things I’m not supposed to tell you in no particular order. 
1. I don’t make enough from my books to live from day to day, my husband’s job supports us (and I’m very thankful) and I’m not motivated enough by money to change the core message of my stories to fit the industry requirements to be “traditionally published” in Christian or mainstream fiction (which is why I self-published.)
1B. I work hard to make each book the best I can, most books with complaints about editing have been edited several times by other people … if you want a perfect book STOP READING (yes I’m being sarcastic) … I find typos and grammar mistakes in traditionally published books. 
2. I’d love to travel the country and meet readers but it is not in my budget see #1.
3. I don’t aspire to be on Oprah/Television/Radio for my books, I get more enjoyment hearing from readers than chasing media opportunities because even when I’ve gone on television and mainstream radio in the past it didn’t impact my book sales.
4. My life is not perfect, I’m not always happy, smiling or without stress. My hubby gets on my nerves sometimes, I get on his sometimes and every weekend I leave the house for at least four hours of fun with one of my girlfriends because I need a break from my child to stay sane (that’s right I said it, I love her very much but I still need BREAKS . . . I’m human.) 
5.  While I love Jesus, am filled with the Holy Spirit and live a life dependent on GOD, I don’t like going to church ALL the time. I actually would be okay with going to church once or twice a month maximum. It is not because I don’t like people I just believe life happens outside the four walls of church *Kanye shrug*
6. I don’t think being in full time ministry is the end all be all … I’m looking forward to expanding my career aspirations once I complete my college education from a public university to work with the general public in the health care industry (see #5 for further explanation.)
7.  Taking a month offline taught me how much I miss interacting with people in person, so I did and am doing something about it.
8. I love what I do and what I’m going to school to do even though it may never make me millions of dollars, make me famous or land me on nationally syndicated television shows (Christian or mainstream.)
9. Reviewing books is something I do because I like to read not because I am trying to get readers from other authors books as I’ve been told is the reason I should do them.
10. Blogging about other stuff is more fun than always talking about my books. So I’ll probably do more of that. 
If the last one bothers you then bookmark my Amazon author page and get information about my books there going forward. I’m a real person and I’m tired of the “author box” people have tried to place me in so today I stepped out of it, doused it with gasoline and BURNED IT! 
That is all, if you’ve read this far, you get a gold star. You can’t do anything with it . . . I just figured you’d like something for reading so much non book related stuff. Going to study and get some food now. 
Keep reading!  My bad, force of habit . . .
Have a kickin weekend . . . because I’m bout that LIFE!