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Thick or Thin Beauty Comes from Within

Before I lost one ounce of the 55 lbs I’ve lost to date I had to confront, test, realize and internalize the truth of the title statement. As I worked on the completion of WEIGHING MY OPTIONS and researched blogs for the training I’m seeking to add more ways to serve and help people on the path to wholeness I found a community called HAES:

HAES wants to remove the stigma around size. WEIGHING MY OPTIONS is the sixth novel in the wholeness series and first installment in the obesity collection (EXERCISING MY OPTIONS, EXPLORING MY OPTIONS, CHANGING MY OPTIONS LOVING MY RESULTS) which will offer twists and turns for Briana, Toney, Julie, and readers. This trio starts their journey to wholeness focused on losing weight to win a bet.

There are people with “obese” BMIs in optimal health. Since I began exercising and changed my eating habits to be more veggie friendly, I’ve lost 55 lbs. Seeing that number on the scale made me smile.  But my happiest moment came when the doctor told me my blood pressure was 120/80. Since that moment my focus has changed. Now more than working to be  a size 8 or 10 I want to be healthy because I know my size doesn’t make me beautiful.

Thick or thin beauty comes from within.