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The Truth about the Pink Ribbon Incorporated My Latest Netflix Movie

My commitment to writing novels about wholeness is more about the person than the diseases. I wasn’t aware when God impressed it on my heart to write My True Essence, Embracing Myself Now and Discovering My Strength  there were people angry about the “consumerization” of breast cancer, asking hard questions.  (I questioned why more people read the breast cancer story than the HIV/AIDS story. The answer I received to that was also not pretty, that is for a blogpost on another day.) I ask hard questions to my health industry associates and it isn’t easy facing the truth.
Despite the BILLIONS of dollars in research “they” still don’t know what causes cancer. 
At my first church in Atlanta, three of the women in the intercessory prayer ministry were diagnosed with breast cancer over a short period of years.  Watching these women endure the diagnosis, treatment and relearn life after their diagnosis inspired these stories. 
Watching this movie and speaking with one of my friends, did open my eyes to a more accurate description of my novels. I don’t write to raise awareness as much as I do in hopes of inspiring support for people enduring, facing and mourning the loss of someone in relation to the medical issues addressed.
Research is a big part of the Wholeness series novels and the next novel will reflect the information I learned from this documentary and will learn continue to learn.  
In light of the awareness ribbon being “hijacked” by Self magazine and Estee Lauder from Charlotte Haley at the advice of their lawyers, the next novel cover will incorporate the “Peach/Salmon” color Haley originated. I’m not changing the covers of the other novels, sixty years of influence means pink represents breast cancer -this is not going to change- but I will incorporate the information I’ve learned and will continue to research. 
I don’t agree with the extreme views of the filmmaker, I do understand and respect their inspiration for this documentary. Despite some negative aspects during its formation I believe overall the pink ribbon has helped save some lives. Check it out. It will be worth your time.