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The Son Shined the Light on Where This Author will Be Moonlighting

Most authors have more than writing for financial support. Some speak, some have traditional “day jobs”, some publish and consult with other authors, some work odd jobs. My full time position and primary responsibility is to be available to take care of my Father’s business, second get myself back to optimal health so I can be able to contribute to my family and contribute to making sure my family has what it needs day to day. Writing comes in as a close fourth and is about to have to share space with college.

It is crazy when I think about it but I’m excited because I know what I want to do in addition to writing.My journey to beginning this new career has already begun. Once I have more details and things completed I’ll share it with you. It is still related to my passion for wellness, wholeness and encouraging women. I’ll give you a hint it is NOT a singing career.

Keep praying for your girl, I’m juggling several writing projects right now in addition to working with my daughter on her phonics and serving at my church. No complaints because GOD’s grace is more than sufficient. Sowing obedience, gratefulness, resources and gifts because I know the HARVEST will be great. Are you sowing yet this summer?