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That Ho is Somebody Poem in Honor of National Poetry Month

That ho is somebody
That ho is somebody’s
Years before you bought her
She bounced on knees
Cried and sneezed
When vaccinated was squeezed
Hair ponytailed and teased
Before taught how to please
Your perverse needs and greed
Exposed to your hearts disease
That ho is somebody
That ho is somebody’s
Before your bottom line twisted her
They played tag and twister
She would’ve called you mister
Her siblings still miss her
They still will when you diss her
If this abuse doesn’t kill her
Your touches don’t thrill her
She’s faking it… in her soul… they ill her
It’ll take the love of God to heal her
That ho is somebody
That ho is somebody’s
Before you bartered to touch them
They played house with a toy oven
Her innocence was then wasn’t
Look how crooked her soul’s bent
Now that your warped seed is spent
Her heart died from torment
Believing she’d get protected instead of pimped
That ho is somebody
That ho is somebody’s
Before you ripped her body open
She played hopscotch way back when
It hurts too much to think about back then
So she turned into her own twin
Same outside but dead and cold within
No more childhood fantasies
She has a price and quota nightly to meet
How can you find a child inviting?
Only perverts find rape exciting
Her friends can’t imagine her doing these things
That ho is somebody
That ho is somebody’s
Not just your’s but your guilty too
Someone else hurt her before you
A person she expected to love her in truth
That is how she does what she can do
Abuse turned her heart to stone through and through
Maybe an uncle or family friend did it first
But your just as bad, if not worse
You choose to continue to diminish her worth
She was a friend, cousin, sister… daughter at birth
Now your ho craves a ride in a hearse
That ho is somebody’s dream
As hopeless as she may seem
Deep inside her essence screams
To be saved
To be rescued
To be seen
as somebody worth being redeemed
I pray God help her find what she needs

to know she is somebody.


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