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Summer of Sowing Wrap UP Final Post

August was a reflective kind of month and September has been better because of it. I’ve sown many seeds over this summer and with summer ending Sunday I believe despite my flaws, fits, tantrums and imperfections God chose to look past those moments and is pleased.

My special time with my Heavenly Father increased in quality versus quantity this year. Instead of attempting to take hours of time (like I could in my single days) I’ve found a great way to maximize optimal moments of intimacy with God. Spending purposed time with Him has made all the difference in the metamorphosis I’ve gone through this year (and it’s not over yet!)

Spending time with God strengthened my determination to live a life pleasing to God. Instead of being down in the dumps when things didn’t work out the way I’d prefer, I chose to find God’s purpose in everything.  God has placed me on a new level of determination fueled by my ability to trust Him and ask for help to trust Him more when my current ability to trust is not enough.
As I’ve lost the weight I’ve forgiven myself for the damage I inflicted on my body. Once that was done I took it a step further and embraced my imperfections. I didn’t realize there was this whole movement happening. I did it under the advisement of my Comforter and Help. It has made life better to be able to make mistakes without abusing myself. Taking care of myself physically has transformed me spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
The sabbatical I took in August prepped me to get to know the new person I’m becoming. The month of rest gave me the strength to stop pretending online (no matter what the experts say) and offer readers interested in my blog and books ME. Not the polished, airbrushed, PhotoShop Liquefied, fake, image or brand of me but the real Shawneda. Flawed woman writing stories about flawed women confronted with their need for a perfect God on the path to wholeness. That is what sowing obedience, boldness, sacrifice, honesty, love and a host of others things this summer have given me so far . . . and it isn’t even harvest, yet.