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Shoulders Rocking Fingers Tappin Getting My #NanoWriMo On

In the Lab with DJ …just kidding. Plugging away fleshing out the plot for the first novel in the Natural Sistahs series. As you may or may not know, I create a “write track” for every book I write. This one was a bit more mainstream, while it is “clean fiction” it isn’t Christian fiction per se because the purpose of it is to delve into the life of Anisa regarding her decision to wear her hair natural. 
Crazy as it may seem the connection between black women and their hair as it relates to our culture is HUGE . So the answer to the question unfolds as the book progresses. More people comment, chit chat and care about “our hair” than we like to acknowledge or think. The African American hair care industry is a billion dollar industry and the natural movement has hit mainstream companies so …people care!
It’s all good. Jussayin. Here are a few of the songs I’m listening to as I tap out the story. It is told from Anisa’s point of view and these girls are pretty cool. Gonna have to check on them in some short story installments once their novel in the series ends. 
Here are two of the songs
Here is another one you may be more familiar with

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