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Rosalyn, Naomi, Jenessa and Dani Learn About Answering the Call to Holiness

Today’s devotional is about holiness. I address the different ways misunderstanding what holiness truly is and how it can impact a family with  It’s in My Blood. Naomi, Rosalyn’s mother, is a combination of women I know who ascribed to the importance of the “outward appearance” of holiness. While not evil in nature there is a potential for disaster and danger that comes when we place an undue amount of attention on what things look like. Rosalyn allowed the things that happened in her adolescence to drive her away from God instead of toward him, just like I did. Read it for less than $3 on nook/kindle. If you don’t have an ereader it is available in pdf.

Holiness, is an underlying thread in My True EssenceDani and Jenessa grow in their relationship with God as they battle breast cancer and help their friend Becca deal with losing her aunt to it. Jenessa made a mistake in her marriage and has decided the only way to make up for it is by being perfect going forward. In addition to being a breast cancer awareness novel, this story speaks to the importance of self worth, self value and self love. Proceeds from it are going to be donated to Making Strides Breast Cancer walk, my first 5k I’ll walk in October 29.