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Perfect Happiness Blog Carnival

Question: If you could spend one year in PERFECT HAPPINESS but afterward would remember nothing of the experience, would you do so? Why or Why not?

My answer is no. Not because I think experiences are more important than memories or anything that deep. The truth is there are chunks of my childhood I don’t remember I hear stories about how fun it was and how much I used to smile back then and I don’t recall it all now. Many of the memories of my childhood are of the challenges and obstacles I had to overcome. There are sprinkles of happy moments and events in the mix but for the most part my memories are not of a lot of good times. 

My relationship with God and a loving foster and extended family helped heal my broken heart. A year of perfect happiness sounds intriguing but I’m not sure that it is worth losing another year of my life. The last three years of my life haven’t been the “happiest” by societal standards but I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world because of how much I’ve learned. Most important in the midst of the hardships my daughter was born and I can’t stomach the thought of losing memories from an entire year of her life. 

So no if I could spend one year in perfect happiness but wouldn’t remember the experience I would not want to do it. I’d rather live every year of my life with its highs and lows and choose to find contentment, happiness and joy in whatever season my life is in.

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