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Open My Heart to Loving My Results Working In Progress

Editing is under way.
17 days from now I’ll be uploading 
the story to all platforms. 
and the
complete the journey to wholeness.
I’m excited about finishing 
Loving My Results
I Am Not My Hair.
Until I finish all the series I started
before 2016 I can’t even announce the new 
stand alones, series and devotionals
I’m praying over and preparing for you. 
Okay… just one… 
a Wholeness series devotional .
I started a mailing list years ago.
When I started writing I hoped…
dreamed I might have something to share 
with readers maybe three or four times a year. 
Fast forward ten years… I’m still writing
and have more book outlines written, 
more series planned
and devotionals in development. 
I notified all of my newsletter subscribers
of free novel  My True Essence.
Love Is… book one in the wholeness series
is also free on all platforms as well.
What will NEVER be available on any other
platform is the newsletter exclusive devotional
written by the ladies of the Wholeness series
with the cover above about their journeys to wholeness. 
Not on Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Kobo
Google Play Books, Goodreads, Oyster ,
Tolino,  or any other eBook reading platform. 
Personalized to YOU. 
The first of many Ten Year AuthorVersary
Thank you gifts to to my readers in 2016. 
If you haven’t signed up to receive my newsletter
click on the pic below to receive notification when 
the new devotional from 
Toney, Becca, Rosalyn, Julie, Brianna,
Naomi, Dominique, Jenessa, Phoebe,
Vivian and dear Dani. 

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