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New Website Coming

I’ve been looking, changed the background several times in the last two months and have finally decided to bite the bullet and PAY for a custom blog design for I want something that represents me. I’m not able to find a free one or create one that looks the way I want, so I’m gonna invest in a custom template. 
I am happy to even have a need for a new website template. I wouldn’t need a new website template that “represents” me if it weren’t for all of you and your amazing support for the Wholeness series and Diamond Butterfly devotionals. I’m also preparing for making curriculum and online training available for those interested in using the Devotionals before January when I restart school. 
(updated December 2015) One day… I’ll let you know… finishing school while working and “being an adult” is no joke!)
God bless you, readers. Hope you’re enjoying 
WEIGHING MY OPTIONS and looking forward to the new Natural Sistahs series. 
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