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My Old Standby Write Tracks I’m Listening to While Working on WEIGHING MY OPTIONS

Music is as much a part of my writing process as plotting, character profiles (questionnaires, dossiers) and cover creation, it fuels my creativity. It is a HUGE part of my life. It is the first gift I ever used to declare my love for God in public. My friends know at any moment something they say can become part of the soundtrack to my life or as others have said “Shawneda has a song for everything.” So I wanted to share some of the music I listened to while writing WEIGHING MY OPTIONS with you.  Outside of the first two song played for every book I write,the mood and message of the songs convey how someone in the story feels at some point.

This is the first song!

This is the second.

Hearing these songs help me focus on hearing what God wants to say through my writing and it reminds me to keep writing because the details of the story are unwritten.

Once I hear them the rest of the songs could be anything from Hip Hop to CCM. Those are coming on the next post. What songs get your creative juices flowing?