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More Adventures of Juicy Mouth featuring Lip Smacking Lip Gloss and Water

 Went into the studio again today to continue recording Diamond Butterfly SHARE HEAL SPARKLE SHINE FLY. I discovered several things while in the studio today.

  1. I realized I must prepare myself to pay for some piano and singing lessons because my LeleAngel is a natural. Everytime we go to the studio she has to play on the keyboard and makes up a new song to sing. 
  2. If I read in short blocks and suck in small amounts of air in between paragraphs I don’t smack as much. 
  3. Instead of trying not to smack I am more relaxed while reading when if I purposely make a bunch of funny smacking sounds. 
  4. I’m enjoying the process and falling in love with the sound of my speaking voice. 
  5. My producer is fun and professional which helps to make the recording session fun and productive.
At the rate we’re recording the audio book version may be available in time for Christmas. No promises but it is possible.